First Ariston Academy opened in Vietnam

Posted On: 11:17:08 - 23/10/2014 - Viewed: 9988
Ariston Thermo Group today inaugurated Ariston Academy in the premise of its Bac Ninh plant with an aim to promote the quality of human resources in the heating industry.

This modern academy is Italian group’s first in-house training facility established in Vietnam. It plays an important role in connecting with Ariston Thermo Vietnam’s critical and potential customers in order to provide the best integrated solution based on group’s global product portfolio.

Incorporating Ariston’s over-80-year experience in the heating and household appliance industry, this in-house academy provides training in latest thermic comfort technology, in-depth knowledge and practical techniques in installing and using Ariston’s products that are best applicable to Vietnam market.

Trainees include water heating installers, technical staff, salesmen, promoter girls who are working for Ariston’s distributors and electronics supermarkets  and other related key stake-holders such as architectures, project developers, contractors and construction engineers.

On this occasion, Ariston Academy begins its first training course with the participation of 150 trainees coming from all Ariston’s distributors and supermarkets chain. In the long-term, several training courses on a larger scale are planned to be implemented by the academy.

“The academy is a model widely applied by the group in many countries. The establishment is a further manifestation of our long-term commitment in Vietnam. We expect that trainees in these courses will master know-how in using and installing Ariston’s products, which will enhance our product efficiency, safety and in turn further upgrade our service quality nationwide,” Francesco Stefanelli, general director of Ariston Thermo Vietnam said.

Ariston Thermo has been present in Vietnam since 1988 and it was the first international company that introduced water heating products to the domestic market. Ariston is now known as No.1 brand name in Vietnam’s water heating market and one of the most successful Italian companies here.

In April 2014, Ariston Thermo invested nearly 18 million euro to open the group’s Asian second largest production facility in Bac Ninh on a total area of five hectares, marking a remarkable achievement in Ariston’s expansion plan in Southeast Asia. 

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