Mondelez Kinh Do launches "Joy Schools" nutrition programme

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On November 22, Mondelez Kinh Do (MKD) has officially launched the "Joy Schools" program, which aims to promote balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle for school-aged children.

The initiative is part of Mondelēz International’s program in South East Asia that focuses on three core pillars: Nutrition Education, Active Lifestyle, and Access To Fresh Food.

The program attracted 2,500 students of Di Su and Ban Yen Nhan Town No.1 primary schools, My Hao District, Hung Yen Province. Forty volunteers from Hanoi Medical University and 100 volunteers from Mondelez Kinh Do Mondelez shared over 400 hours to bring joy to the students. The ‘Joy Schools” program will continue with a series of meaningful activities for the 2017-2018 school year, with the goal of enhancing nutrition education, promoting physical activity, and guiding the students on how to access fresh food. These activities include hosting a Nutrition Day to share the importance of breakfast and nutrition education for students; health check-up and BMI calculation sessions; the upgrading of playgrounds to encourage physical exercise; and the building of an indoor mushroom garden for students to have better access to fresh food.

"Joy Schools" is a CSR program pioneered by the Mondelēz International to build a learning environment filled with joy and help students maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Established in 2011, the program has reached approximately 11,500 students in 25 different schools in Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam for the first time. Beyond the launch in Hung Yen province, Mondelez Kinh Do will be extending the Joy Schools programme in two schools in Binh Duong province next year.

Mondelez Kinh Đô representative hands over sport tools and mushroom house to principal of Ban 1 primary school
Nutrition knowledge and importance of breakfast are conveyed to pupils through short drama “Turtle and Rabbit” 
Pupils get excited about answering nutrition quizzes at the event
Group photos with M Hero Character, the project icon
Pupils enjoy painting their favourite foods and meals in painting classes
Volunteers prepare lunch for pupils 
Pupils learn to prepare simple yet nutritious dishes
Pupils learn to prepare simple yet nutritious dishes



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